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Creators, builders and big thinkers have trusted Burgundy stones since the days of the Roman Empire. Today, this one-of-a-kind stone can be found in monuments and prestigious landmarks around the world – and with the acquisition of four new quarries in France, Polycor is here to further its legacy.


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Burgundy Stone

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To know Burgundy stone is to love Burgundy stone.

Exclusive to the Burgundy region of France, this type of limestone is best-known for its beige and cream hues, as well as its exceptional durability. It’s no wonder why these stones are widely celebrated in the construction and public works domains. The numerous centuries-old monuments, landmarks and castles that are still standing tall today is the true legacy of the French limestone longevity.




Write the next chapter of the global architecture history book with our stunning French limestone. From the world’s most prominent monuments and landmarks to your company’s next big project, Polycor’s Burgundy stones are the backbone of exceptional achievements in architecture.

Thanks to their elegant aesthetic and uniquely alluring details, our stones have a unique ability to kickstart creativity, spark imagination, and inspire innovation. With so many exceptional material options at your fingertips, one of our seasoned project advisors will be by your side every step of the way, gently guiding you along your journey to architectural excellence.

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